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你有什么问题、意见或建议要转达给马萨诸塞州布里格姆将军吗? Before contacting us using the form below, 请查阅以下最常见的问题(FAQs),以确保您的查询指向正确的地方.

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  • Do not include confidential information, such as Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, health insurance information, or medical information in this form.
  • Do not use this form to send requests, messages, or questions about your medical care, upcoming appointments, clinical concerns, health record, or billing information. 如果你是麻省总医院布里格姆病人网关的用户, please send any clinical or billing questions via Patient Gateway or by calling your provider's office.

If you have a privacy, legal, 或道德问题,或相信马萨诸塞州布里格姆将军社区的一名成员侵犯了隐私, legal, or ethical responsibility, contact the Compliance HelpLine at 1- or http://www.massgeneralbrigham/complianceline. All concerns are investigated. Reports may be made anonymously or in confidence.

Please note:表单提交只在周一至周五9点进行监控.m. – 5 p.m. 马萨诸塞州布里格姆将军不能用这张表处理太阳成紧急情况. 如果是太阳成紧急情况,请拨911或到最近的急诊室.

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